SUNU Journal provides inclusive and collective space for young leaders to publish work about Africa and the diaspora. It operates as a forum, where their voice and perspectives are becoming increasingly essential in African affairs, critical thought and aesthetics. SUNU seeks to interrogate the past and the contemporary whilst contributing to a rich history of African and Afro-diasporic intellectual and artistic production. Its aim is encouraging debates and conversations across geographies and chronologies. By engaging the various perspectives present among young cultural workers in African studies, writing and art, SUNU Journal will contribute to the shaping of an African discourse wrestling with the social, economic, political and cultural, both critically and creatively. Though SUNU seeks to support new and emerging voices globally, it privileges new and emerging voices of color.

SUNU as a broader social enterprise, seeks to widen the spaces for dialogue, learning and exchange through diverse fora including panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions and open access platforms. Partnering and cultivating relationships with academic and cultural institutions will be instrumental in enforcing the mission and widening SUNU's reach.

SUNU: Journal of African Affairs, Critical Thought + Aesthetics claims a space in the public sphere and supports the next generation of scholars, writers and artists. 

SUNU's mission is to amplify young, emerging voices, and help strengthen the collective consciousness in matters concerning Africa and the African disapora.